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Minutes for Historic Cannon's Addition Steering Committee
12/4/ 2001

  The meeting was called to order by Chairman John Downes at 7:00pm following the Potluck Dinner. 11 in attendance. The Minutes for the November will be read and approved at the January meeting.

  John Downes read a letter from Michael Adolfae, director of the Community Development Department, concerning the CD Board's approval of matching funds programs for capital improvements and reviewed the current status itemized by our October 31, 2001 Statement. He suggested that the Steering Committee strive to maximum the benefit of the available matching funds programs and presented the following recommendation:

Sidewalk Reconstruction                1:1 Match         $10,000
Neighborhood Park Development    1:1 Match        $ 3,906
Street Tree Planting Projects           1:1 Match        $ 1,000
Single Family Housing Rehab Program 3:1 March    $ 5,000
TOTAL ........................................................       $19,906

  MOTION was made by Diane Zahner and seconded by Izzy Hawkins that the Recommendation for Capital Improvements be approved as presented above. The motion passed unanimously.

  MOTION was made by Steve Spickard and seconded by Edna Myer that CDNC salary supplement in the amount of $1344 be included in our Recommendation for Expenditures for 2002. The motion passed unanimously.

  John Downes announced that election of officers will occur at our first meeting in 2002 and asked that any persons interested in running for Chairman, Vice-Chairman, or Secretary contact him before the January meeting in lieu of appointing a nominating committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m..

Susan Downes, Secretary