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Greetings and Welcome.

Our group, one of 13, makes suggestions to The Spokane City Community Development Board  ( as to how certain funds be spent. The Board oversees disbursements to the 13 community development neighborhoods.

To be a voting member of our group you must attend two meetings. Other restrictions may be reviewed in our by-laws posted at:

You are invited to attend our next neighborhood meeting, November 4, 2003. The official meeting starts at 7 PM. We will meet at the Women's Club, located at 1428 W. 9th.(Walnut and Ninth)

We will review the proposed minutes of the last meeting. You may access them here:

November  -  projected agenda
Historic Cannonís Addition Community Development Neighborhood Steering Committee Meeting
November 4, 2003
7 PM

1.  Call to order

2.  Roll Call/Record of Attendance

3.  Approval of June Meetings Minutes ---

4.  Guest Speaker -

5.  Old Business

      Sign Installation - - Park Bench, Pad, and Table progress

      Cannonís Addition Renewable Resource Project @ Polly Judd Park Access
      Outline and letter to all concerned at:

6.  New Business

    CDBG Allocations

7.  Drawing for Unknown Good Stuff

8.  Adjournment

Please feel free comment on this agenda, explore our site and make suggestions.
email:  Sue Marion  at

fyf* - Doug Clark sings about Spokane
advance to this mp3 file posted in the Cannon cyber domain.
*for your fun

Thanks Neighbor,

Steve Spickard, Chair
Home 747-5745 - Cell - 280-1904
Sue Marion, Secretary
Historic Cannon's Addition Community Development Neighborhood  Steering Committee

Cannon's Addition Home