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Minutes for Historic Cannon’s Addition Steering Committee
July 2, 2002
The meeting was called to order by chairman Steve Spickard at 7:10  There were 8 in attendance. The minutes from the May 2nd meeting were read, corrections were made as posted on this site.  John Downes made the motion, Edna Myers the second, and the minutes as corrected were approved by unanimous vote.We did not have a formal meeting  in  June. However, Gene and Mary Bronson had a member picnic at their place on Twin Lakes on June 22, 2002. All in attendance were grateful for a pleasant afternoon on Twin lakes.

The focus of the meeting was the Historic Cannon’s Addition sign.  Steve Spickard made arrangement with Tom Hemken to pick up the sign.  Consultation with the Taylor Bressler at the Park Board is needed so that the installation can be done smoothly.   The signs decals were discussed and Cameron Caphart needs to be consulted  for the details and cost.  The funds for this project were raised independently by Historic Cannon’s Addition separate from the funds granted by HUD.

Sheila Collins dropped in.  Sheila had a large part to play in the fundraising  for the sign.  She gave us encouragement to follow through and get the sign placed in the boomerang shaped park at 10th and Maple/Walnut.  Sheila said she would call Steve after she talks to Castellow and Weatherall, who were also prominent in the original campaign for this project.

Discussion was held regarding traffic safety.  Caution signs and painted crosswalks were sighted as safety improvements along Maple and Walnut.   Contact with the traffic department is the necessary next step.    The need for the safety of pedestrians along these corridors is essential.  Motor vehicles tend to speed along  in this area and the blind spots are hazardous to people on foot as well as other vehicles.  Sheila Collins mentioned the importance of having a proactive relationship with the traffic department to get this important issue addressed and acted upon.   A joint letter between Historic Cannon’s Addition and Cliff/Cannon Community Development Neighborhoods would be beneficial in our efforts to keep our citizens safe.  Edna Meyers made a motion for a letter to be written to the City Street Department regarding these traffic issues.  Tom Hemken seconded the motion and then was unanimously approved by all. This letter will include our plea for additional signage iridescent green crosswalk signs and double painted lines.  Our goal is to meet as a delegation with the Street Department soon. A copy of the letter should also be sent to Councilman Dennis Hession as he is our representative  with the city council.

Our CD representative, Kevin Brownlee hasn't been in contact with us yet.  He was suggested as our next meeting guest speaker

After the drawing for unknown good stuff the meeting was adjourned.

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Susan Marion