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Living Green means making choices in our day-to-day lives that reduce our impact on the environment and move us in the direction of a sustainable lifestyle-one that is healthy, ecologically sound, economically viable and socially just.

Here's some links to practical solutions:

Living Green in Your Laundry Room  ---   Living Green in Your Bathroom  ---  Basic Household Cleaning Recipes

Consumption Habits:

Buy in Bulk, Azure Standard has a catalogue they will send you  and they are online also at ,  P.E.A.C.H. has local organic foods for sale and you can order almost all of your other stuff through them also. and their number is 509-835-3663.  When suitable going to Value Village or Goodwill, donating your used items to friends & family, or Peaceful Valley Community Center has a free clothing exchange that is open to all and would appreciate donations of clothing.

In SNAP's Living Green home parties, classes, and workshops, you will learn how to create and clean with  non-toxic cleaners; how to reduce waste by recycling, composting,  reducing consumption; transportation choices and maintenance, and how you can create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Thinking Globally.  Act Locally.

This is the cornerstone of SNAP's Living Green Program. What you do in your home, classroom, office and neighborhood directly impacts the local & global community.  Creating a healthier lifestyle with less money, conserving resources for future generations, and aiming for a sustainable lifestyle are the keys to Living Green.

What You Can Do:

Think Globally. Act Locally.

?       Get Involved in your community

?       Schedule a Living Green  Party in Your Home

?       Form a Neighborhood Co-Op

?       Carpool Once a Week

?       Remove Your Family from Junk Mail Lists

?       Take Your Own Bags to the Grocery Store

?       Convince Two Friends to Live Green

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Class Topics

?   Energy Conservation

?   Water Conservation

?   Living Green in Your Laundry Room

Living Green in Your Bathroom

?   Basic Household Cleaning Recipes

?   Waste Reduction
       ?        Recycling
      ? Composting
       ?        Smart Shopping

?   Transportation
For those who meet
income qualifications
we have canvas bags
filled with  energy
conserving products.

Barbara Williams
Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs
Living Green Coordinator
212 West Second
Spokane, WA  99201

"Barbara Williams" <>
509-744-3370 ext. 205

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