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Minutes for Historic Cannon's Addition Steering Committee

    The meeting was called to order by Chairman John Downes at 7:05 p.m. 14 were in attendance.  The Minutes for the December meeting were read and approved by unanimous vote.

    The guest speaker, CW, from RSVP was introduced and presented her program for picking up hazardous waste materials from the elderly and shut-ins thoughout the city.  She reported that the program in 2001 picked up more than 11 tons of toxic chemicals and showed us a video about it.  She asked for volunteers for this year's program.  Volunteers for distributing doorhangers in our neighborhood the first week in April are as follows:

    Mary Bronson    W. 6th Avenue & side streets South to 7th
    Gene Bronson    W. 7th Avenue
    Tom Hemken      W. 8th  Avenue & side streets South to 9th
    Rachel Martin   W. 9th Avenue
    Betty Nichols   W. 10th Avenue & side streets South to 11th
    & Edna Myers
    Steve Spickard  W. 11th Avenue
    Sue Marion      W. 12th Avenue & side streets South to 13th
    John Downes     W. 14th Avenue

Volunteers for the pickup training and actual pickup are:
    Steve Spickard
    Sue Marion

    John Downes made a report about the Annual Report to the CD Board that was made in January, and he read excerpts from the book for same.

    Nominations were made for Officers for the Steering Committee for 2002 as follows:
    Chairman:       Steve Spickard
    Vice Chairman:  Tom Hemken
    Secretary:      Sue Marion

    Each was elected by acclamation.

    Steve Spickard took over as Chairman of the meeting from John Downes.

    John Downes read the current Balance Statement to the group.  A two year holdover item in the amount of $4434 for the SW Cops Shop was discussed, and Laura Mincks reported that she had been asked by the Community Development Department to transfer those monies into another Capital Improvement account. Choices were Parks or Trees or Sidewalks.

After discussion, a motion was made by John Downes and seconded by Izzy Hawkins that $4434 be transferred from the SW Cops Shop account into the Sidewalk Account. The Motion passed with one dissenting vote.

Under new business, John Downes suggested annexing the East side of Cedar Street from 14th to the Northern border of the Downtown Steering Committee, and even possibly the East side of Adams Street from 14th to the Northern border of the Downtown Steering Committee due primarily to the poor condition of the sidewalks there.  During discussion, Tom Hemken suggested that we appoint a Sub-Committee to report back to our next meeting with a recommendation about the subject.  Steve Spickard appointed Tom Hemken and John Downes to the sub-committee.

Laura Mincks briefed us about her job as CDNC for our steering committee as the liasion between the CD department and our Steering Committee.  John Downes commented about her invaluable role as producer of our flyers.

Edna Meyer brought up the traffic problem that she believes will result in our neighborhood from the two year closing of the Monroe Street bridge for repairs beginning sometime this summer, and she suggested that we invite a City of Spokane traffic engineer to address our group about ways the City is planning to mitigate traffic problems during the closure.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.

 Susan Downes, Secretary