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Historic Cannon's Addition Steering Committee Minutes

October 1, 2002

    The meeting was called to order at 7:05 with 12 in attendance. The minutes were read from the September 3 meeting. A motion was made by Shirley Wilson to approve the minutes. Seconded by Virginia Schurra and unanimously approved. The dates of the Clean Green Pick up was a matter of discussion as there was a question of the two dates of October 26 and November 2 and the date of the permit. This matter is to be cleared up by
Chairman Spickard in the morning.
    Kevin Brownlee was present to discuss the Social Service application and to explain the Community Development process. Kevm reminded us that HUD gives 4.5 million a year to Spokane. One million goes to neighborhoods which boils down to $25,000 for Historic Cannon's Addition Community Development Neighborhood. The Social Services branch of the money allocation is 15%. Planning and Administration Funds is 20% and the rest goes to Capital Improvements. We have $3750 for public service so says Mike Adolphee according to Kevin Brownlee. There is a change in policy in that matching funds for sidewalks and parks can be up to $20,000. HUD will match it 2 to one. Kevin expressed concerns about the money allocation. The 2003 CDBG Public Service Allocation Request needs to be addressed at next months meeting so that we can submit it by December. Kevin mentioned our web site saying that we shouldn't promote any private business. Steve said that he would consider revising the web site.
    The letter that we sent to Mr. Turner at the Traffic Dept. has resulted in the scheduling of a Public Meeting at Roosevelt Elementary School at 7:00 Thursday evening. The school is located at 14th and Bernard. Everyone was encouraged to attend. A notice of this forum will be generated by Laura Mincks so that the whole neighborhood will be invited. To be discussed are crosswalk safety issues in the area of 10th and Maple. Traffic
pattern revisions is also expected to be discussed at the meeting.
    The Community Development Committee is meeting to discuss the inclusion of the East side of Cedar into our neighborhood boundary. John Downes will be in attendance at this meeting and will report at our November meeting.
    The sidewalk committee will be meeting this Saturday at John and Sue Downes house at 10:00 AM to take a walking tour ofthe neighborhood so that we can line up next years locations for sidewalk repair.
    The parks committee was reminded that there is $11,314 available for Polly Judd Park improvements. Recommendations were requested for next months meeting. A community garden was suggested by Sue Marion. One that would be accessible to the public and not just to the city hall few.
    The trees committee was informed that $5,453 is available.
    Discussion was held on the long awaited sign. Edna Myers said that she felt
it was important to put the phrase back as it originally read. "Including the 9th Ave Historic District."   John Downes made a motion for this to happen. Sue Downes seconded it and the motion was unanimously approved.
    Thus the new sign shall read:

Historic Cannon's Addition Nighborhood
Including the 9th Avenue Historic District
Established in 1883
By A.M. and Jennie Cannon

   John Downes made a motion to eliminate two of the three neighborhood 9 events as our normal pick up duplicates those held by the Cliff Cannon Neighborhood council. We will only do the Clean Green event. This motion was seconded by Sue Downes and unanimously approved.
   After the drawing for the unknown good things which just so happened to be wheat berries and instructions on how to sprout them, the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Sue Marion

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