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Minutes for Historic Cannonís Addition
Community Development Steering Committee
Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Sue Downes.  There were eighteen in attendance.  The minutes of November 1, were read, amended, and approved as amended.

The guest speaker was an arborist,  Joe Zubaly of North West Plant Health Care.  He spoke to us about trees, especially about keeping them healthy.  Our area has the good fortune  of having beautiful well planned trees.  He fielded questions with an excellent knowledge of the subject matter.

CD Board Report: John Downes explained that Historic Cannonís Addition has $102,000 single family rehab funds, (1 part neighborhood money, 3 parts matching funds).  Last month we received two applications.  John will talk to Kiemle & Hagood regarding the amount of the money needed for the applicants homes.  The remainder (if there are no more rehab applicants) can be reallocated to the park, trees or sidewalks, to be used in this years budget costs.

Committee Reports

Park: Sue Downes has visited Polly Judd Park regularly and reports that cement has been poured for the new table areas, plus the main stanchions for the tables are in place.

Sidewalks:  Sue Downes has an extensive list for sidewalk repair from the committeeís walks through the neighborhood, plus written requests for repairs are accepted.

Trees:  Bud Hull has given the Parks department nine contracts for trees, i.e.12-13 trees, for spring planting.  This response can be attributed to article in the Fall Newsletter, mailed to all Historic Cannonís Addition  CD neighborhood addresses.

Neighborhood Clean-up:  Bud Hull reported that only 14 of the forty $10 vouchers for November  leaf cleanup were used. The remainder will be put back for next years clean-up fund.


Meeting Notification:  Bud Hull suggested that a notice for each upcoming meeting be put on the web site that Steve Spickard is maintaining for Historic Cannonís Addition CD neighborhood.  The membership list was passed around to allow inclusion of e-mail addresses.

Member Comments: We were informed of the progress made to obtain the buildings at the NW corner of 9th and Walnut  to help upgrade our neighborhood.  Pastor Kevin finch, John Moyer, John Downes and others have been looking into this.  There was a discussion on the possible plus and minuses of this project.

The next CD Steering Committee meeting will be in March 2006.  Gene Bronson moved and John Zahner seconded the meeting be adjourned.  Unanimous vote to close.  The meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Bronson, Secretary

Cannon Home