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Minutes for Historic Cannon’s Addition
Community Development Steering Committee

March 2, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Chairman Tom Hemken.  There were 24 in attendance.  The minutes from the December meeting were read and approved.

Tom Hemken introduced speaker, Kevin Brownlee, coordinator for the CD Neighborhood Committee.  Mr. Brownlee gave a brief overview of the program (attached).  He also spoke about the possible cuts the city will have to undergo if necessary due to the Riverpark Square Garage legal problem.  It is probably not likely that our neighborhood will suffer but nothing is known for sure at this point.  The areas that could be cut are attached.

Old Business:

The Sign
Steve Spickard reviewed the history of the sign which has been installed.  His efforts were applauded.  Edna Meyer moved and Mary Bronson seconded that we have a celebration to mark this event.  Under discussion John Simanton suggested that the city be invited to help mark the event.  Shirley Wilson volunteered to head the committee planning the celebration.  The motion was thus amended, Edna moved, Mary seconded and the vote was unanimous.
Kelly Brown brought up the concern of vandalism.  It was decided to pursue this at the next meeting.

CDNC Status
Joann Moyer and Kelly Brown are both willing to hold this position.  Further discussion will take place at the next meeting.

CD Sidewalks
Due to an imminent deadline, March 5, 2004, John and Susan Downes prepared a thorough report on sidewalks to be repaired this summer.  We have between $27 and $29 thousand to spend.  At a cost of $25.50 per foot, we will be able to repair many feet of sidewalk.  In June the city will make the same tour John and Susan did.  John Simanton clarified that the walks within the parking strip are not classified as sidewalks.  John Downes mentioned that the city always protects tree roots as much as possible.  Alleys are also not within the sidewalk budget.
Gene Bronson recognized John Downes’s dedication to the Sidewalk Committee.  He moved to accept John’s recommendation to the city.  John Zahner seconded it.  The vote was unanimous.
Sue Marion asked what to do if something was missed and John Downes replied to give  him a call before Thursday.

New Business:

Formation of sub-committees
John Downes mentioned that volunteering on a sub-committee is a good way to get involved.  He went on to give an overview of each sub-committee.  Tom Hemken asked that each sub-committee give a report at the next meeting.  John Simanton moved that each meeting include a status report from each sub-committee.  Gene Bronson seconded and the vote was unanimous.

The members of the subcommittees are
Trees:  Kelly Brown and Izzy Hawkins
Parks:  Steve Spickard, Bud Holm, and Ted Barnwell (chairman)
Clean up:  Tom Hemken, Gene Bronson, Betty Nichols (chairman), and John Downes
Sign:  John Estelle and Steve Spickard
Sidewalks:  John Downes, Sue Marion, Mary Bronson and Gene Bronson
Social:  Edna Meyer, Shirley Wilson, Mary Bronson and Steve Spickard
History:  Sue Marion and Ted Barnwell
Edna Meyer reminded the Parks group to have a plan in place by May to give to the city.
Steve Spickard reviewed the by-laws concerning being expelled from the steering committee.

Spring Greening (RSVP)
John Downes took care of getting volunteers to distribute the flyers during the first week in April.  The date for the pick up is April 24.

For the Good of the Order:

It was noted that there is more development on the bluff.
Some guests from Whitworth were introduced as well as new members.
Shirley Wilson asked if we will be sponsoring another appliance pick up and the answer was “yes.”
Refreshments were provided by the Bronsons.
John Simanton moved to adjourn.  It was seconded by John Estelle.  The vote was unanimous and Tom Hemken adjourned the meeting at 8:50.

Respectfully submitted,

Rachel Martin

Cannon Home