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Minutes for Historic Cannon's Addition Community Development Steering Committee
April 6, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 by Chairman Tom Hemken. There were 21 in attendance. The minutes from the March meeting were read and approved.

Tom Hemken introduced speakers from Whitworth College and First Presbyterian Church who are interested in helping out in our community with a project yet to be determined. First Presbyterian would like to be involved in the neighborhood beyond th project sponsored by Whitworth.

Old Business:
Committee reports:

Parks - Ted Barnwell reported that they are making progress. They would like to landscape the hillsides but leave the flat area as native grassland and perhaps extend the gravel path. The tables and benches need to be replaced or repaired. Ted talked with people from the city as to how to use funds for improvements. Further information should be available by the next meeting. Steve Spickard brought up the idea of a basketball hoop.
A motion was made by John Downes that the Steering Committee authorize the Park Committee to act on capital improvements to the park. This was seconded by Gene Bronson and the vote in favor was unanimous.

Trees - Bud Holm furnished a report of this committee's meeting (attached). There will c a further report at the next meeting.

Sign - Steve Spickard spoke on the question of vandalism and it was decided that we will address this if it becomes an issue.

CDNC Status - Pending. Kelly Brown has submitted an application for this position. Joann Moyer is also considering this position. Joann will attend the next CDNC meetin! A decision will be made at the next neighborhood meeting.

Spring Greening - John Downes distributed the flyers to the volunteers.

New Business:
The Needs and Priorities worksheet was distributed to those present who filled it out. Edna Meyer suggested mailing this worksheet to the community.

Summer Picnic - Ted Barnwell suggested combining a work party with the picnic. This was tabled until May.

Sue Marion will serve as secretary for the May 4 meeting.
Edna Meyer moved to adjourn. Mary Bronson seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50.

Respectfully submitted,
Rachel Martin