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Minutes For Historic Cannonís Addition Community Development Steering Committee
May 6, 2003
Thanks to Susan Brudnicki for being our guest. She's on the far right. To her left and around the table, Ted Barnwell, Gene Bronson, Edna Meyer, Rachael Martin, Izzy Hawkins, Betty Nichols, Mary Bronson, Bud Hull, John Downes, Staci Bewick, John Simanton, and Sue Marion.

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM by Chairman Steve Spickard.  There were 14 in attendance.

The minutes from the April meeting were read and approved.

Susan Brudnicki, Director, from Neighborhood Services ( ) was a guest speaker representing Mayor John Powers.  She acknowledged our work and said that perhaps next month Mayor Powers would be able to attend our meeting.

Under old business the Save Our Bluff Campaign was discussed.  Heidi Gamm spoke about the failure for the Conservation Futures Program to successfully attain the property in question.  More information is available at    Steve Smart and Dr. Dwight Damon DDS are said to be the owners of this property.  The benefits to them having the property along the bluff declared historical are noteworthy.  A warning letter to real estate agents regarding this areas unsound geological state was suggested. By law, Real Estate agents are obligated to inform the buyer/client of the reality of the property fragility.  According to Geologist Michael Hamilton and retired Geologist Howard Pettybone, the area shows classic erosion and angle of repose difficulty.  Other sites along this bluff were noted for their severe erosion. Note the damage at 21st and High Drive and Qualchan. The sand and clay makeup of the soil is void of solid bedrock basalt and therefore it is not a matter of if, but a matter of when, this bluff will fail, according to Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Pettybone.

The sign is on hold until we get the traffic repattening is completed.

After a  brief discussion and description of the traffic safety issue at 10th and Maple, steering committee member Sue Marion voiced her frustration regarding the saving of DOT funds if mouse trap B was used instead of mouse trap A.  In other words, instead of spending a quarter of a million dollars on this traffic repatterning to improve  the traffic safety issue we use a much less expensive European method....the traffic reflector.  $2500 as opposed to $250,000?  What's the dilemma?  May 8th, Thursday at 7:00 PM at Roosevelt Elementary School, Steve Hanson the writer of this DOT grant will present his traffic repatterning plan. Washington state is two billion in debt.  Olympia has requested suggestions from citizens on how to stretch our tax dollars. Well, here's one waiting  to be acknowledged.  Is anyone interested in buying the Buick instead of the Lexus?

Email address our neighborhood was announced: This will allow the next Chair and Secretary to have access and an ongoing list of email addresses.

The Pride Of Ownership Campaign was discussed.  Properties at 704, 708 and 712 S. Maple vacant lot at Freeway Ave. South and Walnut, 1614 W. 8th  were sent.  The results are remarkable.  The property at 708 S Maple was finally boarded up.  This location was a chronic source of dangerous behavior.  Officer Schaber was contacted regarding this situation and within half an hour action was taken.

Under New business, it was decided that the Cannon's Addition CD Neighborhood did not need to have a Spring Large Appliance Pick Up as the Cliff/Cannon Neighborhood Council will be doing this June 17-18 for Curbside pickup and June 19 for the Large Appliance Pick Up.

The Needs and Priorities Worksheet was handed out and is due in June. Several were returned this evening.

Cannon's Addition Renewable Resource Project at Polly Judd Park was discussed.  The possibility of changing our routine of spending thousands of dollars on leaf pick up with the bins and instead having the leaves brought down to the flat area North of the playground or over the bluff  was introduced.  This would enrich the soil and prepare it for a community garden. To learn how to compost enter:

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00.

Submitted by Sue Marion, Secretary.

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