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Minutes for Historic Cannon's Addition Community Development Steering Committee
May 4, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Chairman Tom Hemken. There were 16 in attendance. The minutes from April's meeting were read and approved.

Sandy Gill, Director of Northwest Nonprofit  Resources spoke on the importance of getting input from the the neighborhood.  She works in conjunction with the Institute for Neighborhood Leadership.  She encouraged the use of the  Needs and Priorities Survey that all the community development neighborhoods conduct every year, as a good source of what the neighborhood feels is important. Mary Bronson suggested a simpler version of the survey. Sandy asked if anyone was interested in this to give her a call. Sandy also  noted the great benefits that we would have working with First Presbyterian Church's outreach with our need for information input from neighbors. to Cannon's Addition Community Development Neighborhood.

Under old business; standing committee reports from Parks subcommittee Ted Barnwell.  Last month Ted proposed that we have a work/picnic event at Polly Judd Park on Saturday June 12 from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM.  The goal of this work party would be to do clean up around the park and gather more information on how we can best use the funds available to the upliftment of this park.  Mary Uptagrafft and Dianne Fields, who have the house recently built just to the Southeast of the park, talked of their experiences with Polly Judd Park.  Because the Parks Department refuses to open the bathroom until Memorial Day and locks the doors after  Labor Day the inevitable happens.  Human feces and urine in their yard and in the area leading up to the door of the bathroom.  Policy changes would be discussed if we were able to get Taylor Bressler to the June 12 event. An invitation for his participation as well as our city council representative Brad Stark and Mayor Jim West  will be drawn up. The picnic benches and platforms that they rest on, according to John Downes must be purchased through the Parks Department.  Uptagrafft and Fields spoke of their frustration over being promised bark by the Parks Department so they could distribute it through the area between their house and the park. In exchange,  the wires from the mercury vapor light  would  be buried underground  by AVISTA which would clear their view. Also,  funds for a fence on the southside were apparently promise in the past but none of these agreements have been followed through with by the Parks Department. Steve Spickard suggested that Frisbee Golf would be an asset to Polly Judd Park. The Professional Disk Golf Association is at

The Tress sub committee gave a report with minutes included. The question of how and where to check location for where trees can be planted. Bud Hull can find out addresses and whether owner lives at sight.

The sign sub committee headed up by Steve Spickard announced that the sign project was complete. He mentioned that $254.10 had to come out of his pocket.  John Downes emphasized that this shortfall could not come out of the communication funds.  $40. was given to Steve by John Estes who is affiliated with First Presbyterian Church to help off set this deficit leaving a balance yet unpaid of $214.10  Mike Witherall has said that $100 would be paid sometime.

CDNC status still pending for Kelly Brown who has submitted an application for this position.
The RSVP annual Spring Greening collection was reviewed and estimated 10 tons was collected city wide.
First Presbyterian Church has done a demographics study. Taken from the 2000 Census Report Cannon's Addition Neighborhood
They noted that
24% are 19 years old or younger.  87% are white                     21% household owner occupied
35% 19-34                                    4% Black                            10.5% unemployment
29% 35-54                                    3% Lantino                          125 single moms
12% 55 and up                              91% Washington natives       50% at poverty level making under $25,000annually.
An invitation to the intern from the church was discussed.  Chairman Tom Hemken said that this was a good idea.

Mary and Gene Bronson cordially invited all out to the annual summer get together potluck in Twin Lakes at their home July, 17th Saturday.

Gene also sighted the importance of writing these letter aforementioned on a nice letterhead.  This would also include letters to absentee landlords who neglect their properties.  The Pride of Ownership campaign last year was mentioned as being successful. 

Under new business the date for the Fall leaf pickup was chosen for Saturday November 6th.  This motion was made by John downes and seconded by John Simanton and unanimously approved.

John Simanton made a motion to invite Mayor Jim West and city council representative Brad Stark and Park Department Taylor Bressler to the next meeting and even having a standing invitation  to our meetings the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 at the Women's Club on 9th and Walnut.  Tom Hemken said that he would write a letter with this open invitation.
Respectfully submitted,

Susan Marion


Graphic compliments of  Kevin Finch, Associate Pastor First Presbyterian Church