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Minutes for Historic Cannon’s Addition
Community Development Steering Committee
Tuesday, May 3, 2005

The meeting was called to order by President Susan Downes.  There were 16 in attendance.  The minutes of April 5, were read and approved.

Shannon Meager was our speaker and she gave us a very comprehensive explanation of the  “Rehab Program” supervised by Kiemle & Hagood.  She answered fully all questions and had hand outs  on the “ Housing Rehab Program”.  John Downes suggested the pamphlets be put at the doors of prospects.

John Downes reported we have $13000 for the park and said current proposals will not use it all.  President Susan told of meeting wit Ford Taylor Bresler and looking at park tables.  There may be enough money for a barbeque on a post.  A motion was made and passed that the Park Dept. be able to put in a barbeque.  President Susan could see no need for a park cleanup at this time.

President Susan thanked those that participated in the RSVP Chemical pick-up program.  350 lbs of material was collected.

 The Clean Green Pick-up date was discussed. Saturday, November 5, was chosen, voted on and passed.

The following were suggestions for speaking topics:
 Marilyn Saunders—now in charge of Community Development neighborhoods COPS
 Mar   burns—City Council
 Jim Flott—Trees
 City Tours
Under Members Comments: were the QUOTE” ‘Prisoners’ that roam our neighborhood and the pack, and how can we handle their presence?”  There was a discussion.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
 Mary C. Bronson, Secretary

Cannon Home