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Minutes for Historic Cannon’s Addition
Community Development Steering Committee
Tuesday, September 6, 2005

The meeting was called to order by President Susan Downes.  There were 14 in attendance.  The minutes of May 3, were read, approved and voted on to be accepted.

President Susan reported there has been no progress this summer on the trees project.  No one has turned in a new request.  Paper work of 9 trees on 4 lots is in progress.

Nothing has happened at Polly Judd Park.  Taylor Bresler of the Parks Department said he is ready to install benches when they arrive.  President Susan said she attended a meeting regarding  park problems with the “skin-heads”, drugs, etc.  She Reported, “If no one is using a park they move in.” Edna Meyers said our park is being used for baseball games and there are spectators.

John Downes reported on sidewalks.  John walked with city staffers and contractors as they sized up the problem areas—emphasizing 9th , 8th, and 7th- from Cedar to Maple.  That area contains 90% of the work.  Historic Cannon’s Addition now encompasses 7th – 9th from Cedar to Monroe.  That area makes an increase from $25,000 to $38000 plus matching funds.  It was moved, voted on and passed unanimously to apply our $1344 allotment to the sidewalk project.

John Downes, Chair of the Community Development Board told us of  the Administration in Washington, D.C. wanting the Department of HUD  which encompasses  low income housing to be under the Dept. of Commerce which  handles  the economics  and business areas.  Spokane has a board of directors of citizens that set policies and realizes there will be a 20-25% loss if this change takes place.  We receive, presently, $6,500,000, for Community Development, and now these changes are in limbo.

HUD has new guide lines to be implemented where 2007 funds will be spent This prototype is to be completed 2007 and then we must write a report.

Bud Hull gave us a thumbnail report on the current Cop Shop program.  “Eight of us are plugging along”  Bud puts in 35-50  hours a month.  Thirty cars were towed in the past 10 months.

Edna Meyer requested a monthly bulletin, and Rosemary Small volunteered to publish one.

President arranged for Marilyn Saunders, director of the Cop Shops to be our guest speaker.  She  did not  show up.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Bronson, Secretary

Cannon Home