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The Institute for Neighborhood Leadership

Offers classes to help build the skills and confidence of people who want to get involved our community.  We:
· Encourage people to be leaders - plant seeds and support
· Help them see the value & the return when they get involved (both personally & for the community)
· Support people who want to build their confidence.

We help people learn about:

Basic leadership skills such as
How to lead a discussion
Making group decisions
Dealing with conflicting viewpoints, etc.

Going public: such as
 Presenting your cause or idea before a group
Working with the media
Building a group of volunteers

These are Skills and knowledge that you can take to any community activity you want to be involved in.

Our work can take many forms:
We can hold training sessions that can be in a community location near you
We customize learning sessions for groups who request it
We are building a collection of printed materials on techniques We can provide ideas to your group and link you with others

Leadership training and technical assistance to create grassroots empowerment & neighborhood revitalization

525 E Mission Ave; Spokane
509-484-6733(p); 509-484-0345 (f)