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Minutes for Historic Cannon's Addition Steering Committee - 10/2 2001

The meeting was called to order by Chairman John Downes at 7:00pm. 15 in attendance.  Motion was made to approve the September meeting minutes by Steve Spickard and seconded by Izzy Hawkins.  They were unanimously approved

The names of Sue Marion and Steve Spickard were added to the Sidewalk Committee.

John Downes reported on the $2544.00 not used as salary by Laura Nhncks (CDNC) and showed the letter from the Community Development Department recommending that those funds be transferred to a Capital Improvements account.  After a discussion John Simanton made the Motion: That $2500.00 be transferred from the CDNC Salary account into the Sidewalks account.  Gene Bronson seconded the motion.  The Motion was adopted unanimously.

John Downes reported that the Sidewalk Committee would meet at his house on Saturday, October 13 for a walk through the neighborhood to ascertain sidewalks to be recoimmended for repairs in the next go-round.

John Downes and Laura Nhncks reported that the Fall Cleanup Campaign is ready for Thursday, October 25th (2 pickups) and Saturday, October 27 (Clean Green).  Laura passed around a proof copy of the 4 page flyer that will be mailed to all households about 10 days prior to the events.

Laura Nhncks reported that the Social Service agency's grant requests will be available to review at our next meeting in order for our Steering Committee to make its recommendations to the CD Board no later than December.

Sandy Gill from the the Institute of Neighborhood Leadership was a guest speaker.  She spoke about the role of her agency and solicited ways that her agency could be more helpful to our Steering Committee and our neighborhood.

New Business: December Potluck
John Simanton made a Motion: That we have our Potluck Dinner at our December meeting in conjunction with our budget approval.  Gene Bronson seconded the Motion.  It was adopted unanimously.

Betty Nichols commented about the tall grass on a vacant lot at 10th & Cedar.

John Simanton commented about the number of American flags that are on display in our neighborhood.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45p.m.

Susan Downes, Secretary