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Historic Cannonís Addition Community Development Neighborhood Steering Committee
Current Mailing address:
918 S. Cedar
Spokane, Washington 99204

October 30, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

Our membership has approved the following letter:

Whereas trees in our neighborhood have and will shed their leaves this and in future years and;

Whereas these leaves are a valuable resource

We propose the leaves and select neighborhood vegetation be used and composted in the undeveloped areas around Polly Judd Park.

There are three areas that should be developed.
(1)  The lowest land near the railroad track,
(2) The steep area made up of concrete waste material (from EXPO 74) sloping upward from the railroad track,

(3) The relatively flat ground north of the developed area of the park.

Subject to further study, we believe the highest and best use of the areas would be:

1.  (Near the RR) Commercial composting system where box cars could be filled with compost and sold or utilized by the park department.
2.  (Concrete Cliff) Simply cover the entire area with most of this year's local leaf crop and small branches. Local drop offs may be done on a regular schedule supervised by volunteers approved by the Park department.
3.  (Flat Area ) Cover entire area with no more that 3 feet of leaves, except where natural trails occur. In the spring this area will be plowed and used as a community garden.

For Historic Cannonís Addition Community Development Neighborhood Steering Committee
I am sincerely yours,

Steve Spickard,