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Minutes for Historic Cannon's Addition Steering Committee - 9/3/ 2001

The meeting was called to order by Chairman John Downes at 7:05pm. 17 in attendance.  Motion was made to approve the June meeting Nhnutes by Virginia Schurra and seconded by Susan Downes.  They were unanimously approved

John Downes reported on July's neighborhood picnic, that Councilman Dean Lynch was the guest speaker, and that 20 people attended.

John Downes made a sidewalk report, that the matching funds program greatly enhanced the number- of sidewalks that were rehabilitated, that sidewalks throughout Cannon's Addition were fixed as a result, that a great need remains, and expressed the hope that a matching funds program is provided for the following year.

The Fall Cleanup campaign is scheduled for Thursday, October 25, 2001 (Appliance pickup and Curbs] de) and Saturday, October 27, 2001 (Clean Green at Polly Judd Park culdesac).  Volunteers will be needed to work at the Clean Green during hours between 8am and 1pm on Saturday, October 27.  Laura was asked to produce a neighborhood-wide flyer similar to last year's to be mailed out about one week before the event(s).

The following will be active on the following Sub-Committees:

Park Cominittee: Pat Kapella, Virginia Schurra, Barbara Freeman, Marcia Simanton
Fall Clean up: Betty Nichols, John Downes, Susan Downes, Tom Hemken, Pat Kapella
Trees: Marcia Simanton, Joann Moyer, Izzy Hawkins, Tom Hemken
Sidewalk: Barbara Freeman, John Downes, Susan Downes, Gene Bronson, Mary Bronson, Ted Barnwell

John Downes showed a "'Traffic Control Courtesy Notice" that is used by Brown's Addition neighborhood to help control illegal parkers and deserted vehicles.  After a discussion it was determined that the Cops Shop has adequate controls over parkers so a Motion to come up with similar program (Notice) as Brown's Addition did not proceed for lack of a Second.

We have been notified by letter from the Community Development department that $2544 for CDNC salary from the past two years remains unused and that it may be transferred to another account that allows for capital improvements including sidewalks, trees, rehabs, park.  Members were asked by John Downes to bring back suggestions to the next meeting about what those monies should be used for.

There was a general discussion concerning traffic and speeding ... particularly on Maple-Walnut-Cedar between 12th & 14th Avenues.

The meeting was adjourned at 9p.m.

Susan Dowmes, Secretary